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Leadership Thoughts – CLA Global Indus Value Consulting joins CLA Global

“Our firm joining the CLA Global network is a natural alignment of our core purpose, which is exemplifying talent and amplifying value. Our choice reflects the role that India and our talented professionals will play in building and shaping the professional services industry globally and helping to build a new and agile global network. We are looking forward to working with likeminded professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe to service our clients.”

Kartik Radia, CEO of CLA Global Indus Value Consulting

“CLA Global Indus Value Consulting is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality of service, and its people with the support that they need to thrive, which makes it a great firm to represent CLA Global in India. We look forward to working with the firm as it continues to grow in this fast-paced economy.”

Daniel Shah Regional Director for CLA Global

“It is great to have a strong and dedicated firm representing the network in India and adopting the CLA Global brand. India is a vibrant and fast-growing economy and CLA Global Indus Value Consulting is strategically positioned to help the member firms of CLA Global serve clients and deliver on our growth plans and vision.”

Joe Kask, Co-CEO of CLA Global

“CLA Global Indus Value Consulting’s entrepreneurship mindset is a valuable asset to our member firms and their clients. The firm’s key services across a range of industries will contribute significantly and play a pivotal role in building the CLA Global network.”

Sancho Simmonds, Co-CEO of CLA Global