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India Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence – Global Delivery Model

The paradigms of service delivery are perpetually progressing. Numerous major global corporations are progressively transitioning towards more comprehensive, multifunctional models anticipated to deliver enhanced value at reduced expenses. Prominent international businesses are exploring ways to refine their operational models by unifying their primary and auxiliary functions through the integration of service delivery models.

Centre of Excellence (CoE), is the most important strategic differentiator developed, deployed and leveraged by the market leaders. CoE functions as an entity that leverages on Talent and cost Competitiveness to enhance efficiency and service delivery. The future of CoE hinges on its capacity to assist companies in achieving greater results with fewer resources, utilizing data and insights from various businesses, departments, and locations to enhance customer and employee experiences with predictive analytics at exceptional speed.

Centre of Excellence (COE) as a Concept

  1. Strategic global competency and “know-how” center
  2. Provides talent and intellectual capital proposition
  3. Helps transform delivery and services to clients
  4. Enabled through technology, efficiency, standardization and quality
  5. Proven and demonstrated concept with market leaders in PF and Tech industry and has enabled market leadership
Salient Features
  1. Digital and technology enabled
  2. Highly specialized know-how
  3. Highly agile and flexible
  4. Client focused and Value Creation and Delivery (VCD) mindset
  5. QMS driven
  6. Enable global member firms to promote and elevate client relationships for Advisory
  7. Built in to give best-in-class CX – “Client Experience”
COE Framework
  1. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  2. Assurance, accreditations and certifications
  3. Globally recognized and accepted methodologies
  4. Standardized processes and quality management systems
  5. Global rate cards
  6. Transparent financial affairs
  7. Continuous improvement, innovation and automation

COE Proposition – A Strategic Differentiator

Cost Competitiveness
Intellectual Capital
Alignment (Strategic, Operational & Governance)
Technology Resource
Framework of Agreements

COE Enablers

Experienced Client Servicing Team
Client Confidentiality Protection
DPDP Act – Data Friendly Nation
GRRCS Solutions
Quality & Risk Management Framework
English Language
CMM5 & ISO 27001
Experienced & seasoned Human Capital Team
Global Experience
Working with International Network
Cost Effective Rates
Information Security & Cyber Security
Operational COEs for Clients like ABB & Vodafone Plc.